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So how was Alloy Networking formed? Back in 2003, while both attending the same church, Jason Jones met Scott Ross and they became fast friends. They soon both realized that they shared the same values, interests and skill sets. With these shared philosophies, they decided to go into business together, starting out with designing and installing voice, data and fiber optic cabling for different companies. Over time, Alloy grew and grew, branching out into PC networks, cellular repeaters, paging, and business phone systems. 

At Alloy Networks, client satisfaction is our main priority. From on-site consultations to post-installation support, we’re committed to providing a trouble-free experience while meeting the unique requirements of each client.


Our Process

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Initial meeting & Consultation

Whether your project is new construction, expansion, or upgrading and remodeling, we will meet with you and conduct a thorough “Needs Assessment.” This usually consists of a walk-through of your facility to go over a tailored and specific plan just for you.


Detailed quote

We think of everything before we give you our quote. Our quotes are so thorough that we don’t have to revise them or surprise you with change orders or increased prices once we begin.


Intelligent product selection

Our loyalty is to you, our client, not a manufacturer. Which means we build systems specifying the highest performance products to construct the strongest backbone possible for YOUR company’s voice/data networks.


Smart system design

As your Telecommunications Solution Provider, we design your solution so that it can be easily understood and effortlessly followed, creating a straightforward path from Point A to Point B.


Meticulous system Installation

The feedback we receive from our clients the most is about the high caliber quality of work we provide, including neatness, efficiency, and overall clean and professional look.


Rigorous system testing

Our job isn’t done until we have thoroughly tested every component of the new system. We make sure everything runs smoothly, performs competently, and allows for total work function with ease.


post-installation support

Should you have any unforeseen issues caused by our installation, we will repair them at no additional charge, no matter what the situation.


post Warranty maintenance agreement

After the manufacturers’ warranties expire, our maintenance agreement will help keep your systems running. Our quick-response team will be there fast to minimize your downtime and rectify the problem.

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